Social Media Best Practices for Small Biz, Creatives & Nonprofits Workshop

Learn Best Practices on Social Media for your Business, NonProfit or Creative Project

After years as a social media admin on multiple business, nonprofit, and artist accounts, I’m offering up what I’ve learned to the Asheville community (and beyond) at a sliding scale.

The Social Media Best Practices for Small Biz, Creatives & Nonprofits workshop will be held both in-person in Asheville, NC, as well as remotely via video (for attendees located anywhere) on Sunday May 6, 2018 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

Register by April 15, 2018 to ensure your spot. All attendees must register in advance. To register, complete the Google Form here. Continue reading

Rules of Etiquette: Just be kind

How to Work with a Web Designer

What Web Designers Wish You Knew

Because everyone will stumble up against a website sooner or later in their professional lives, it’s important to have some basic understanding of what working with a web designer to build, redesign, or update your website involves.

All designers will have some unique ways they approach their work and the platforms vary, but enough of this is universal that I am sharing for the good of humankind. As a designer, I’ve run into some of what follows often enough to realize a PSA is in order. You’re going to be your designer’s favorite client after this.

My content is in here somewhere. Just look through and find what I want to say.

You will be asked for your content. You will need to provide this to your web designer. Continue reading

The Importance of User Experience, Explained Visually

In my experience, companies routinely under-explain what they offer, why it matters, and how it’s useful. This is typically seen as self-explanatory but rarely is. Any noise, fog, lack of clarity and general frustration in the user experience of what you offer is a detriment to your success.

Start with the Basics

If you have a good idea, the first step in marketing your product or service to the right audience is in letting them know that it exists, what it is and why they would benefit from it. This sounds elementary but is so often overlooked, I am compelled to emphasize its importance.

What a company usually thinks the audience relationship looks like is this
How Companies See Their Own U/X Continue reading

The #1 Challenge Facing Small Businesses

is not what you think


There’s no shortage of advice on running your business. Some experts will point to your online presence, how well you use social media or reach your target market, business sense when it comes to bookkeeping and the consistency of your products or services.

While these are all important, building your strength in these ways typically grows along with the business. And none of these alone spells disaster for a small business in the way this one failing can: Trust. Continue reading

8 Tips for Better Business Communication

Get Your Email Etiquette On

Email. Everybody’s doing it. It’s here to stay. Yet so many manage to do it oh-so-badly. I chalk this up to the growing pains of emerging technology but I think it’s high time we reach consensus on the basics. We’re all busy and saving each other time and frustration is simply the respectful choice. Continue reading