The most exciting concept I’ve come across in a while, Keep It Fresh Day is all about food justice and access to fresh foods for all, urban gardening, plant-based cuisine, b-boys and b-girls in break dance battles, eco hip hop, and the idea of food as medicine. Declared official on June 14 for some years now by the mayors of both Denver and Baltimore, Keep It Fresh Day needed a website to hold all this goodness in one place.

Dr. Ietef Vita had some fun ideas he wanted to integrate – like an animated countdown to the official day, Buckminster Fuller map, and beautiful art and photography.

He also said those magic words every designer dreams of hearing, “You’re the artist. I trust you.” And gave me more or less free reign. I had a lot of fun designing this site. (Check out the live version for the full experience, as the screenshot omits some of the amazing parallax imagery).

Advertisements Redesign

Setting out on tour, Xiuhtezcatl wanted a more streamlined look that focused on his music. I redesigned his website to reflect the simpler aesthetic, while still maintaining strong SEO rankings.

Asheville Business Arts: Redesign for Xiuhtezcatl

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Youth Director of Earth Guardians, hip hop artist, climate activist, proficient speaker and seventeen-year-old powerhouse Xiuhtezcatl wanted a website that represented his voice, style and many projects in the world.



Among his projects is a new book published by Rodale. I worked closely with the publisher to meet their criteria for representing the book on his website.



He also needed social media management to promote his book and upcoming album, and some custom art for branding I designed:

Xiuhtezcatl Black Logo

Xiuhtezcatl Custom QR Code

Filters for Snapchat

These require meeting strict specs and quality standards to get accepted by Snapchat.

Snapchat Filter

SnapChat GeoFilter


Design: Logos

Asheville Business Arts Logos

Logo Redesign


New Startup Logo Design


Xiuhtezcatl Custom Logo 1

Xiuhtezcatl Custom Logo 2

Best of Humanity

A startup with lofty humanitarian goals that hoped to bring organizations together to do better work, this organization’s website was built by my friend Adam at Superluminal Systems. But the clients soon found they were in over their heads with how to best set it up for their purposes, come up with content, or present it in the best way. I stepped in to help them with I/A, content writing and curation, and how to best design the home page layout for their articles to display optimally.


This client had only a poor quality logo file and an unusable PDF of their mascot. I redesigned both as vectors for their branding while working on their new website with RealTech Webmasters.

Stone & Spade Permaculture

Stone and Spade is a permaculture, earthworks, and water systems installation service in Western North Carolina. We’re still building on their site, and it’s not uncommon for me to create a site that grows along with my clients.


Asheville Tool Library

The Asheville Tool Library’s mission is providing tools at low or no cost to citizens and local community organizations to directly address socio-economic inequality through resources for all members of the community. While they had a basic online presence through the Myturn Inventory system for tool libraries, we found full website capabilities needed as they prepared to open their doors.

I built a mobile-responsive WordPress site to meet their needs, designed e-newsletters for launch, and integrated the Myturn Inventory into their site.

Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork & Massage

I built this WordPress site for my client at Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork and Massage. He wanted a clean website that reflected his thoughtful approach as a massage therapist, where his clients could navigate simply, schedule appointments online according to HIPAA standards, and securely make payments.

I customized his schedule on FullSlate to integrate seamlessly into his website.

Asheville Biz Arts Scheduling Solution